A medal for a hero who saved a woman and her dog

Last Friday, December 28, a young man from 'Arras was pinned the city medal .

This teacher of physical education and sports has greatly deserved this reward: a few weeks ago, without thinking, he threw himself into the icy waters of the Méaulens basin to save a woman and her drowning dog .

He falls into the water without thinking

It was on November 12th. Around noon, Alexander Stackowiak opened his window and was alerted by a great commotion , reports The Voice of the North .

"At first I thought that The lady had her purse stolen, and then I saw some people on the edge and a white form in the middle of the basin, it was the dog of a lady who was struggling in the water I went down immediately, I had time to analyze the situation, I understood that it could take a few more seconds and I understood that I had time to get rid of this that could slow me down in the water like my shoes and my trousers I plunged! " says the professor holding the rescue certificate

She can not swim

He managed to bring back the and the 27-year-old woman who jumped into the instinctively tank to save her female dog, Mia, a French Bulldog.

The animal was playing at the edge of the pool when he slipped. His mistress does not know how to swim. And yet, she did not hesitate a moment before to throw herself in the icy water to try to bring it back on the bank, hardly accessible for a small dog such as Mia.

"I was running every time my dog ​​clung to me, she recalls, a lady yelled at me to keep calm, shouted to me that help was coming... I told myself that I only had 'trying to hold in the water, but it was this man who saved me " entrusts the young woman

A medal, and eternal gratitude

The dog, his mistress, and their heroic rescuer : all came out safe and sound from this accident that could have ended much less happy ...

And in addition to his medal, Alexandre Stackowiak has won the eternal gratitude of the young woman he saved .