A man tries to kidnap a little girl, but did not notice a very important detail

A huge stroke of luck

Everything looked normal that day in Woodbridge, Virginia when a 10-year-old girl went out for a walk with her dog, like her used to do it. But in a few seconds, everything changed.

A kidnapping attempt

A man quickly approached the girl before grabbing her by the arm. According to police officers, the girl was so scared that no sound came out of her mouth. Fortunately, his dog intervened very quickly by biting the man hard enough to get him

Not injured, the girl is still in shock. For its part, the aggressor is still actively sought , including by police dogs. Out of respect for her private life, no picture of the girl, nor even her name was disclosed.

One thing is certain, without the presence of her dog, this girl could have been much less fortunate at this time. aggression.

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