A man saved by the barking of his dog

A research team found a man from the West of Tennessee (USA) stuck in the bed of a dry creek Unable to shout to call for help because of cancer, this man owes his life to his dog Barking alerted rescue

Last Friday, Cary Ferguson, 58, and his dog Jinxie , were rescued after 8 hours spent in a riverbed. a few kilometers from home. The situation was particularly delicate for this sick man who, having undergone a tracheostomy, was unable to scream . Fortunately, his dog was there.

A critical situation

The way Cary Ferguson found himself in such a mess is unknown. But he may have wandered long hours because of the mental disorders he is suffering from and which are likely to cause him hallucinations.

One of his relatives said he had left home around 10am for walk Jinxie . As he was not coming back, this friend started to worry and warned the authorities.

But because of the weather and the difficult terrain, it was particularly difficult for the research team to find the man.

Dog barking alerted relief

It was finally the barking of a dog that led the rescuers to the creek bed where Cary Ferguson was. And the dog's barking was none other than Jinxie's! This trusty dog ​​seemed to have understood the urgency of the situation and was thus able to prevent the rescue which, without him, would probably never have arrived at Cary Ferguson!

The man was suffering only from mild dehydration when found, but not serious. Today, he and his dog - to whom he is infinitely grateful - are doing well.