A man rescues a tortured dog and throws

On the heights of Miami , a dog shih tzu was enclosed in a weighted plastic bag of a stone and thrown into a canal by young boys

The animal was barely saved by a man who had to recover

A gesture of senseless cruelty

As he drove his car on the 183rd avenue in Miami, Carlos Torres was in spite of himself the witness of a heinous crime . At the top of a hill, he sees a group of boys licking the hind leg of a dog with a stone before enclosing it in a plastic bag .

" I could not believe what these kids were doing... ," says Carlos. " I heard the dog crying, he was completely panicked... ," recalls his savior. By the time he parks his vehicle, Carlos realizes that the group of youngsters have cast the poor animal

Carlos throws himself

Without hesitation, Carlos then throws himself into the water and catches the bag. In the minute the man in extracts the dog and the brick .

Decided to save the dog, Carlos brings the survivor back to his home where he will dry and will let it calm . " It's a dog so nice ... It's just horrible what these kids did to him! They tried to kill a helpless creature ! , he still rebels.

The femur of the disintegrated dog

When Carlos has the dog examined by a veterinarian he is stunned. " The part of the femur has been completely disintegrated ! ", explains Carlos the specialist

Soon, the little Shih tzu will benefit from a operation of the paw back. Surgery amounting to approximately 1,500 dollars

On www.furangelsrescue.com , donations are open to fund the operation of the small dog.

Let us bet that the little victim quickly finds an Olympic form and finds a loving and experienced family .