A man lived with 42 animals in a F2 in appalling conditions

38 cats and four dogs. This is what the SPA and the gendarmes found when they entered a F2 apartment located near Les Rousses in the Jura a year ago.

Following several reports from neighbors, the gendarmes and the SPA discovered in a man of 41 years not less than 42 animals crammed in a F2 located in a commune of Jura. But the nightmare did not stop there.

"Cats ate each other"

In addition to these animals crammed under more than precarious conditions, the gendarmes found dead dogs in a freezer . Even worse, dead cats would have served as food for other cats. An unsustainable situation

For these facts, the 41-year-old man was tried a few days ago by the Lons court for severe beatings and cruelty to animals . Accusations that the man decided to deny by explaining just having been totally overwhelmed by the events and by the too important number of animals to his home according to The Progress .

Recognized guilty by the court , the man is given a prohibition to possess an animal for five years as well as a three-year penal constraint.

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