A man drowns while trying to save a dog

It is a very sad story that reports the East Republican . A 39-year-old man lost his life on Friday trying to save a dog from drowning

An act of courage and goodness

It's in the Moselle between Toul and Gondreville, that the tragedy took place. The man was quietly picnicking with his wife by the river, when he saw a dog in trouble near an old stone dam.

Courageously, and although he did not know this dog, the forty-year-old native of Toul threw himself into the water to rescue the animal , and try to get him out of the rough waters of the Moselle. Worried, his wife also jumped...

The dog safe and sound

" When she saw her husband in distress, the woman also went to the water. was able to recover the dog , her husband did not come to the surface "said the police commander of Toul, Jean-Luc Petitbois. Despite the efforts of firefighters, the man found at

2.30 meters under the surface of the water could not be resuscitated. Of course shocked, his wife was taken to the hospital.