A man dies drowning while trying to save his cat

Last Sunday, in the early evening, a 46-year-old man lost his life in trying to rescue her cat. Party canoeing with two friends on Lake Loon, north of Chicago, Illinois, USA William Anderson had the strange idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking his pet with him.

And when after having crossed a few tens of meters on board their boat, the cat jumped into the water , he rushed to his assistance, causing the canoe to capsize and his friends to fall. water, reports the Chicago Tribune .

Luckily, a ship attended the accident and was able to rescue two people as well as the cat. But the owner of the animal left his life there.

His body was found only hours later, says Sergeant Sara Balmes of the Lake County Sheriff's Office. And to specify that the man had apparently drunk before the accident .

If this tragedy is very sad, and the dedication of this man very touching, it does not remain less difficult to understand why he took his cat to canoe, why he and his two friends were not wearing lifejackets, and why he jumped into the water instead of getting closer with the canoe to get him back...