A man arrested for refusing to euthanize his dog

A real drama

It all starts in the month of last January when a bitch named Spaz is overthrown by a car. A violent accident that leaves the poor dog in a bad state. It is only several months later that the authorities will cross the road of poor Spaz during a descent into a narcotics affair. Several dogs are seized, and the police discover Spaz, in a really terrible condition .

Totally paralyzed since his accident last January, the dog can only drag his hind legs. She lives in constant pain, sleeps under a motorhome on a very thin old blanket, is infested with fleas and seems to be in a state of permanent pain .

"Many people knew that she suffered a lot, but no one lifted a finger to help him. I seldom saw a dog in such bad health , "says agent Erika Johnson who drove the dog to the vet.

Once there, the veterinarian discovers that the bones of the legs of the bitch are alive and that in an attempt to hide that a band-aid was made. Dressing completely soaked with urine... In addition to many fractures, the dog had also the legs completely twisted by dragging on the ground to move. Similarly, Spaz could no longer control her bladder and bowel and suffered martyrdom when she wanted to lie down.

In short, she had to be euthanized to shorten her suffering . And above all, she should have been after her accident or be operated so as not to have to live in such conditions, totally inhuman. But his master has simply refused to part with it and pay... He is now accused of cruelty to an animal and has been arrested.

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