A man arrested after dragging a kitten behind his car and filmed the scene

Horrible. An 18-year-old man has just been arrested for dragging a kitten behind his car and posted the scene on social networks.

A few days ago a man was filmed dragging his dog from his car, today is a cat who has been the victim of the cruelty of the Men .

Tied by the neck with a rope

Kyle W. Williams, resident of the Branson City, was arrested for torturing to death a kitten . The man allegedly hung a rope around the poor animal's neck before attaching it to the bumper of the car and starting to roll.

According to the first report, Kyle W. Williams began to roll while another person was filming the entire scene to post on Facebook. After a few minutes, the kitten died under the laughter of the two accused, visibly amused to see that the cat was starting to be unable to keep up with the pace of the car.

Drama video on Facebook

According to the police, the video posted on Facebook shows the cat terrorized when he is tied by the neck with the rope. We then hear someone say " it's going to be fun " while the cat begins his ordeal.

Ironically, it is precisely thanks to this video posted on Facebook that Kyle W. Williams has been identified and will be held accountable for justice. He is accused of an act of cruelty to animals.

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