A man and his dog rescued from hurricane Matthew on Twitter

Kris Williams, a US Navy veteran, was stuck at home with his dog while his house was flooded because of the Hurricane Matthew. Against all odds, it was thanks to Twitter that he was saved.

Hurricane Matthew hit the West Indies and the Southeast of the United States. North Carolina was not spared, and it was precisely in that state, in the city of Mills, that Kris Williams and his dog were. Specifically, they were stuck in their completely flooded house .

A drone films the house

Worried for his brother, Craig Williams, who was then in Texas, tried to contact the units rescue by all means, for hours... but to no avail. No service answered. Indignant, he turned to social networks. On Twitter, thanks to the hashtag #HopeMills, he came across a video shot by a drone in which we see his brother's neighborhood... and even his house, totally flooded.

Craig Williams on Twitter

Craig Williams commented, " My God, but it's my brother's house! Is there a chance for you to help him out? He is locked up... "The author of the video immediately reacted. He contacted Craig and then the Federal Office of Emergency Management. Thanks to his mobilization, Kris Williams and his dog were finally saved by boat, as we can see in this video:

Quavas Hart ?? on Twitter

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