A Malinois hanged and 5 other dogs in distress found in a house

A scene of horror discovered by workers

On Monday, workers coming to work on the construction site of a house under construction discovered with horror the corpse of a dog, hanging from the window of the first floor

Alerted, the police immediately arrived on the scene where she could only note the tragic end of poor Malinois. In the house, they also discovered five other dogs, Malinois too, who were in a state of " suffering ", according to the association Stéphane Lamart

Association Stephane Lamart

Handlers Responsible for the Crime?

Some of the eight individuals arrested say they are handlers. The association Stéphane Lamart has therefore seized the CNAPS (National Council for Private Security Activities), of which it is a partner, so that " the approval of these handlers be definitively withdrawn ".

The Stéphane Lamart association filed complaint and filed a civil suit to ensure that these acts do not go unpunished. The dogs have, for their part, been taken in charge by the SPA.

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