A luxury dog ​​and cat grocery store opens in Berlin

While the first hotel for urban cats is about to open its doors doors in the heart of Paris, Berliner pets are also pampered as it should be, and even more!

Luxury comes into the bowl of animals

evidence ? A luxury deli entirely dedicated to the most spoiled hairballs of our German neighbors was inaugurated last month, just before the end of year celebrations. Decoration and a neat ambience, facilities optimized to ensure the well-being of 4-legged customers , stalls that have something to salivate animals and humans: Pets Deli , who settled in a very upscale neighborhood of the German capital, does not do things in half.
As in a human caterer, there are small dishes prepared made from turkey, beef or kangaroo , to take away, or to eat on the spot, but also delicious treats, salmon oil, or the Nyan Nyan New, wine for cat (without alcohol obviously) come straight from Japan

This idea, David Spanier, the young owner of the shop, had it thanks to his dog, which does not support industrial foods. " The industrial food is bad for the animals . It's like I'm going to eat in a fast food every day: I think it's good, but it's very bad for the health "he explains.

" A decadent store "

David Spanier has teamed up with a specialist in animal nutrition and says, with some pride," that meats are d 'such quality that they can be safely consumed by humans "

But this concept does not please everyone . The German press, like the daily Bild , questions the usefulness of such an establishment. And some cry at Decadence . " Such a decadent shop gives the impression that more is being done for animals than for children ", says Wolfgang Büscher, of the charity Arche