A look at: DJ the black pearl of all records

Through these lines, Dogs Revelation offers you to discover the story of this incredible schipperke that marked the history of his race. A breed rarely featured on the catwalk, certainly because of its size much less imposing than its congeners group 1. DJ is nicknamed by the people of the Dog World "Kirikou" because as small and incredible as the hero of the cartoon. We give way to her owner and handler Ms. Valerie Midrouet to tell us this incredible succes-story cradled with love from the beginning.

DJ was born in January 2008 at my parents' home of a mature marriage. Indeed, they were the happy owners of a beautiful female and let me manage both the selection of the stallion that the birth or the choice of puppies. Amazingly enough, DJ did not walk the carpet of an exhibition ring before his fourth year... I always followed his evolution of course, but he was my parents and I had not yet the idea of the destiny that was promised to him.

"Why start an exhibition career so late, will you tell me?

One day my dad tells me that he has cancer. Very quickly his health will decline. I promised him that his dog would be a champion.

Then an incredible and endless exhibition marathon will begin. And it starts in Brittany at the international exhibition of St Brieuc under the judgments of Mr Thevenon, specialist of the Belgian Shepherd. And there, the revelation DJ wins the CACS, the CACIB and the best of breed and finishes 3rd best sheepdog of the show. We can not thank enough Mr Benoit Thevenon who was able to detect the champion who slept as a DJ. After a ten-year break in the world of exhibitions, I am now on the roads of France and Europe with DJ and my daughter Manon (as passionate as me) to honor the promise made to my late father.

It has been almost 5 years between this show and today and since it has nothing to prove, the results speak for themselves.

DJ is : 9 Best In Show - Champion of France - International Champion - Champion of Luxembourg - Champion of Gibraltar - Champion of Morocco and since a year when he returned to veteran class, he won the 1st Best In Show veteran and is veteran champion of France and of Luxembourg

At no time was there any question of stopping this beautiful story. It is therefore natural that we decided to marry him to a sublime female. From this union were born our hopes and these last ones have indeed confirmed, so we have now in the team of the Envol des Aigles the relief with:

  • The multi champion Jackpot of the Envol des Aigles who has 2 years and is already international champion of Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Morocco, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Montenegro
  • The champion Let me be an idol of the Envol des Aigles, young champion of France and champion of Macedonia just 17 months old

"A story that changed forever the course of my life"

From this faultless journey, a passion was born which then became my profession and that of my daughter: the handling. We quickly took to the game of the exhibition presentation. In view of our excellent results, we decided to share our experience with other owners. The team handling of the Envol des Aigles was born. Since then with our dogs and those of our customers we spend our weekends in the exhibitions of Europe surrounded by our passionate friends and by doing a job of which we are proud.

I take this opportunity to thank our friends who believed in us, the judges who appreciated the quality of DJ and now our other dogs, our customers who trust us throughout the year and of course the one who has a star in the sky and that changed forever the course of my life: my DJ!

Breeding & handling of the Flight of the Eagles:

Mrs. Midrouet Valerie and Manon:


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Yoann Latouche