A little boy, his old dog, 2 adorable best friends (Video of the day)

An adorable little boy, and a dog love: here is our irresistible duo of the day !

Watson is an elderly Shar Pei 12 years, and he watches over his young friend with a very touching benevolence

The toddler walks his big dog, much bigger than him, and suddenly decides to take a break to go play in a puddle of water.

He then delicately puts the leash on the ground, and Watson, instead of taking advantage of it to leave, wisely waits for the return of his little master .

The dog turns his head regularly to make sure that everything is fine, and it is with as much wisdom and kindness that he takes the walk when his so cute best friend has enough to play in the water!

How not to melt in front of this so beautiful friendship?

A little boy and his old dog

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