A little boy climbs a tree to save a cat, but everything does not go as planned

A double rescue

It all starts when an 11 year old boy sees his cat stuck in a tree. Visibly trapped in height, the animal does not seem able to descend alone from its branch. Without thinking twice, the boy then takes the courageous decision to act to save his cat .

But everything did not go as planned...

An intervention of the firefighters

Once at the height of the cat, the little boy realizes in his turn that he is unable to go down alone from his tree. Firefighters are then called on the spot to help the little boy. For its part, the cat took the opportunity to go down the most quietly of the world.

A little shocked but not hurt, the little boy was able to find land and just needed to be a little warmed after these few minutes in his tree .

On their Facebook page, the firefighters congratulated the little boy for his act of bravery, while advising him not to do it again.

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