A kitten integrates a pack of Chihuahuas

MoMo, Choli, Paloma and Benito are four older Chihuahuas, all adopted by the same person. Until then, their everyday domesticated dogs were punctuated by long naps, a few tanning sessions and, of course, good small meals. But everything changed when Rosita the little cat came into their lives...

Julie Docherty, the Chihuahuas' mistress, is a volunteer at an association that helps homeless people in Los Angeles. One day, a young woman came to her with a tiny kitten, just saved from the street. Can not keep it, she asked Julie if she knew a shelter that could take care of him. Julie volunteered. And that's how this mistress of four Chihuahuas went back home... a kitten in her arms

© Julie Docherty

An unusual family

The little female named Rosita was old only two and a half weeks. She needed to be bottle fed every hour. But what worried Julie the most was the reaction of her Chihuahuas... How would her aged and underactive dogs live the arrival of a young cat full of passion and energy?

© Julie Docherty

Contrary to what she feared, her dogs were very curious about this tiny ball of hair frail. Only a few minutes after his arrival, the dogs had already resumed their normal life as if nothing had happened... Over time, they began to build bonds, and divided up the "tasks" of education of this kitten: the one of the Chihuahua was playing with him, another was nursing him, a third was protecting him, etc. Roseta became a full-fledged family member, sharing meals and naps with her adoptive "grandparents" , and taking advantage of their experience of older animals.

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