A kitten and a hamster in full sleep (Video of the day)

Do you know the expression " be in the arms of Morpheus "? It means to be sleeping, Morpheus being the god of dreams among the ancient Greeks.

If you do not know it, it is not the case of this kitten and this hamster ! These two are even in the process of being cradled in the gentle arms of the deity .

Of course, our animals are even more crisp when they sleep. Watch the kitten put his paws on his face, or the little hamster move his legs while he dreams...

It is also not without reminding us of the duel the cutest animal at awakening that we proposed to you last February

And you AllCreatureAnimalClinic, have you ever captured images of your little balls of hair while they slept?

Ce sleeping kitten does not want to be disturbed...

Dreams of carrots or salads?

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