A killer of cats prowling in the south of France, an association goes up in the niche

In the name of the school of the cat, a Montpellier has just lodged a complaint: several corpses of cats, dead in suspicious ways, were found...

lately, when the city of Montpellier was talked about, it was rather for the commitment of its inhabitants in favor of the animal cause. The most pet friendly municipality in France has recently been able to count on the action of Rémi Gaillard, YouTUBeur sponsor of all animals, to promote responsible adoption. But here is a sad news came to darken the picture: recently, suspicious deaths of cats are linked in the neighborhood of Saint-Cleophas, revealed Midi Libre .

For the moment, four remains of felines - not necessarily free (wandering but sterilized, cared for and fed by a shelter, ed) - have been updated. All were dead in troubled circumstances , which aroused the suspicion of a person officiating for the association The school of the cat who decided to make complaint: one was discovered "the abdomen depressed ", another was found" bloody ", while a third - found in a ditch - was poisoned with a rat poison. "The cat is dying for two to three days. It is as if he had a fireball devouring him inside , also gave the complainant the latter method.

A suspect identified?

In the spring of 2013 Already, a peak of death of this ilk had occurred in this same district: "a good dozen animals" had been found dead under equally nebulous circumstances. Among them are cats, a poodle and hedgehogs (a species yet protected!).

If a neighbor had been suspected at the time, a new person would now be suspected of these cruel acts. The feline protection activist testified that she had a testimony from a maintenance worker who saw someone "" punching a cat with his cane and then bursting into his corner.

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