Justice for the dog Mambo

The stray dog ​​Mambo, who was recently burned by two young people, won his case. The girl guilty of complicity has today been sentenced to one year in prison of which 6 months closed . A first in the history of acts of cruelty to animals. It should be noted that over-mediatization of this incident probably contributed to this judgment.

At the hearing, the offender was elsewhere, stating that she did not know why she did that.

She is now under strict judicial control and has no right to approach her boyfriend, alleged perpetrator of these tortures on the little pinscher. This one, minor, will be judged in December.

The lawyer of the foundation 30 million friends, civil party at the trial relates: "this girl of 22 years does not seem to have seized the measure of his gesture.

Let's hope that 6 months in prison makes him see things differently. Unless the fine that it will have to pay to the civil parties is responsible for it: 500 € to each of the parties . Knowing that 7 associations and foundations have been civil parties in this case, among which the foundation 30 million friends, two SPA local and that of Paris and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation ... In all, a few 3 500 euros fine for torturing a defenseless animal

Too much exaggerated or minimized?

See the video of Mambo