A hunter is shot by his dog in the Béarn

He went hunting with his son, but it's the hunter who was shot at... In fact, Monday morning is not a rabbit but a dog that almost killed a hunter.
The sexagenarian from Béarn was accidentally wounded by his animal , who unleashed his weapon. The man was hunting with his 30-year-old son in a wood located in Orthez. As he picked up a woodcock he had just touched, the animal operated the rifle he had placed near him against a tree.
The dog was very excited. Unable to contain his joy, he jumped in all directions, reports The Republic of the Pyrenees . He then dropped the rifle and triggered the relaxation.

His master, aged 61, was hit by the arm and the hand. He was also reportedly shot in the face, just like his son. Transported quickly to the hospital, they are not in danger. Perhaps will find after a new hobby after this misadventure. This is what animal friends will hope to learn from reading this story .

Unless they only avoid taking their dog with them in the future...