Hospital breaks its own rules for a dying woman to say goodbye to her dog

The University Hospital Santa Maria, Brazil, published a video very moving, filmed a few days ago when the establishment decided to break its own rules to allow a woman to say goodbye to her dog before dying . This is the first time since its opening 45 years ago that the establishment allows the presence of an animal.

Teresinha Prieto Flores was hospitalized last December. If this 80-year-old woman was not always lucid in recent weeks, she never stopped to claim her companion , her Poodle Pink, who for years shared her daily life, and from which she was suddenly deprived when she needed so much of her reassuring presence.

"The realization of her last dream"

Every day, tirelessly, Tereshinha made the same request. Very moved, the medical staff then made every effort to convince the management of the hospital to make an exception .

It was finally last week that this reunion took place. "Giving this kiss to Pink was a goodbye and the realization of his last dream," says a family friend to the local newspaper Diara de Santa Maria . Teresinha Prieto Flores died a few days later.

Her story will not be anecdotal. On the contrary, it has made the hospital management think that today visits of pets in hospitals should not only be allowed but encouraged.