A heroic dog saves the life of his master stuck in the snow for 24 hours!

It was by a fall in the snow breaking his neck at once that an American sexagenarian began the year. And thanks to his valiant canine, he escaped... almost unscathed.

His life for ours, that's how we could sum up the attachment of a dog to his master. This is evidenced by the story of Kelsey the 5-year-old Golden Retriever and Bob, his owner. As a result of a slip, he fell. Unable to get up because he was paralyzed , he was forced to spend nearly 24 hours in the snow, reports The Independent .

Despite his condition and the external coolness at the time of the events - he was around -4 ° C - the man survived. How? Well... thanks to his faithful companion: sniffing the problem, he lay down with the wounded to keep him warm . He then licked her face and hands to keep him awake and barked at his voice to call for help. A neighbor, alerted by the constant calls of the dog, finally discovered the body of the poor man and called for help.

Thanks to his dog, Bob is out of the woods

In life but the broken neck and suffering from severe hypothermia, the sexagenarian was immediately transported to the hospital. "I was surprised to see that I had no signs of frostbite. I'm sure it's thanks to Kelsey 's determination to keep me warm and alive, "said the owner of the dog. And as a miracle never seems to happen alone, the day after his operation of the neck, the wounded person bluffed everyone: although touched the spinal cord, he began to move his various members.

An incredible phenomenon that would not have happened without the fabulous teamwork unconsciously led by the valiant doggie and the surgeon quickly taking Bob in charge. "Kelsey kept me warm and did not stop calling for help. Dr. Colen saved my life. They are true heroes and I will be eternally grateful to them, "he said.

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