A heroic dog saves the life of a Down's syndrome child trapped in a clothes dryer

Trapped in a tumble dryer, a little boy with trisomy 21 could have died if his dog was not did not intervene.

His name is Teddy and he is a hero. A four-legged hero since this Cocker-Poodle crusader flew to the rescue of his little master, trapped in a tumble dryer on the move. When the accident occurred, the boy's mother was on the floor of the house. It was Teddy who came looking for her by barking and drove her to the dryer. Inside, Riley, the child, was stuck.

The alert dog in case of danger

Immediately, the woman stopped the machine and put her son under cold water before taking her to hospital. The child survives with burns and bruises , but he is doing well. The consequences could have been much more tragic if Teddy had not intervened.

By the way, this is not the first time this dog has alerted before a tragedy occurs: he had already warned his masters, furiously barking, that a mobile phone charger was catching fire . A real lifeguard in the soul!

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