A hero dog is stabbed to save his master

Thor is a real hero, a police dog from Louisiana, USA, who had already shown his courage and dedication many times, but last week, he saved his master's life, without hesitating to jeopardize his own.

"If Thor did not intervene, the officer would be dead"

As reported by the newspaper WGNO News Thor and his master were pursuing two burglars when one of them tried to stab the officer. The animal then interposed, and it was he who was touched

" If Thor, the German Shepherd, had not interposed, the officer would be dead" says the sheriff of the city of St. Tammany, Jack Strain. " The officer clearly explained to me that Thor threw himself on the attacker , and that was when he hit him with his knife , "he continues. The officer then opened fire and the burglar was shot. The second thief was arrested and incarcerated.

Thor was seriously hit, but the German Shepherd is already doing much better today.

As for Thor, he was seriously injured in the neck. But after undergoing surgery, he is now in a stable state. The veterinarians caring for him are hopeful that he will recover fully from his injuries. The German Shepherd has left the hospital and found his family but still needs rest.

Thor is a strong and courageous dog. In 2014, a burglar tried to drown him while the dog and his master were trying to capture him. Fortunately, several policemen managed to save him.

After having undergone surgery, Thor needs rest to recover his abilities.

Friday, it is with all the honors that he deserves Thor to be welcomed at the St. Tammany Justice Center after leaving the hospital. A ceremony had been organized for him. A fundraiser was also put online following the requests of many people affected by Thor's story. The money raised will be donated to the Humane Society of Louisiana to help animals " less fortunate than Thor ".

true hero that the police dog was welcomed when he left the hospital .