A hero cat defends his 5-year-old master against his attackers

The cat Smudge was he inspired by the courage and heroism of Tara, this cat who was a few weeks ago saved his young master from the attack of a dog?

The cat has indeed stolen the rescue of Ethan, his little human 5 years, assaulted by a bunch of older boys. The cat threw himself on one of the children when he saw him violently push Ethan. Incredulous and frightened, the boys ran away without asking for their rest, and in tears!

The most heroic cat of the year?

Alerted by the invectives of the group, Sarah, the mother of Ethan, tells first seeing three boys approaching him before shouting his name. The little boy preferred to ignore them, but that did not please one of them who pushed him to the ground. "I rushed out and I saw Smudge jump from under the car and jump on the boys' chest ," explains the young woman from Doncaster, England.

Become a real little hero, the cat is now one of the animals competing for the Cat National of the Year competition . He is naturally included in the category of the most heroic cat, and it is August 7 that the results will be revealed.

A real love at first sight for Smudge

Smudge was adopted three years ago by the Fenton family after the untimely death of Sarah's first cat, died at only 18 months old. Upset by the loss of this little cat, the young woman decided to host another kitten. The first one she chose was adopted by another family before she had time to pick him up. But he was introduced to Smudge, and it was love at first sight. " He was so small and so cute, I knew we had to adopt him " she confides.

If Smudge has always been a wonderful four-legged companion for the whole family, he had never before shown the hero who slumbered in him! Since the incident, the cat is on guard at night in front of Little Ethan's bedroom. "He is a member of the family and he is more of a brother than a cat for our children " says Sarah.