An eater of guinea pigs in Haute-Loire?

In Haute-Loire, the SPA warns against a probable eater of guinea pigs

Notice to people who would like to sell their guinea pig or other small mammals via a site of advertisements between private individuals : in Haute-Loire, a man would frequent this kind of site to obtain guinea pigs, which he would appreciate in an unusual way.
The president of the local SPA, Dominique Chaudry, announces in the columns of the Progress to have the almost certain that an inhabitant of the Allegre area is recovering these animals to eat them r.

A practice that is not illegal

This affirmation has something to shock the friends of the animals. Yet, as the president explains, only the fact of making his animal suffer is reprehensible . Eating it, on the other hand, is not illegal.

" It is a practice that we disapprove of and against which we can not intervene. Our only lever is to warn people who could give this kind of animals and look forward to finding them a home. These people would be betrayed.

To counter this guinea pig eater, the SPA can only warn the local population and denounce this diet for the least particular, so that the owners rodents redouble attention.