A gourmet meal served to two abandoned dogs (Video of the day)

The magazine Bon Appétit had an idea of genius: ask chef Jean-Georges Vongeritchen to cook a custom-made meal for two adorable doggies that were once abandoned.

If this renowned chef, with 3 Michelin stars, was chosen for this challenge, this is not a coincidence... The man has indeed started his career by making dog food! It is therefore by combining his know-how in dog food and his talent for the gourmet cuisine that Chef Vongeritchen attempted to fill, without much difficulty, with a small dog that has not always had a good life...

Marni e, today star of Instagram, and Ripley are sitting quietly at the table, like two humans, when the director of operations of the Chef comes to inform them that he leaves to recover their doggybags.

Once returned, the starter, the dish and the dessert are served with love. Meatballs, bones, salmon eggs, ricotta ravioli and much more have been added to this gala meal!

Of course, the chef then came to make sure his customers had had a good time.

Just great

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