A girl takes her hamster who does not move to the vet, he discovers something very weird

For several days, the rodent has not moved.

When our animal seems to be going bad or different, it is normal to worry. This is precisely what happened to a girl who decided to take her Hamster to the vet . Why ? Simply because for three days, the rodent did not move and refused to eat and drink.

At first a little surprised, the vet asks the girl if something happened with the Hamster that could explain this behavior for the least strange. She explains that her hamster escaped from her cage for a few minutes and that she found him under the fridge . Nothing else.

A strange discovery

The vet then places the rodent on the examination table to better understand what's wrong. And there, the little Hamster moves quite normally and even accepts to eat and drink, under the puzzled look of everyone .

The vet then notices that the Hamster has something in his cheek pouches. He opens the mouth of the animal and finds a magnet!

In reality, the only thing wrong with this rodent is that he had nibbled a magnet and he was totally stuck in his cage when he wanted to go for a walk. That's just why he refused to move.

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