A firework to disperse the ashes of his dog

Say goodbye to his missing dog, and find the way to him to render a last homage to the height of the love one has given it is never easy...

Some choose to bury their companion, others to have it stuffed, or to keep his ashes in an urn. But Craig Hull saw things much bigger.

Spectacular goodbyes

This Australian, who had to face the death of two of these dogs, Zeus Gyprock, had the idea of ​​ scattering the ashes of his faithful companions in the sky and in beauty , thanks to a firework display.

" I said to myself" I'm going find me a job as a pyrotechnician and I will send them with fireworks . That's what I did , "he tells AFP .

Thus, on December 31, 2010, the ashes of Zeus and Gyprock sprang up in a sheaf of light , above the city of Sydney. The show was as beautiful as it was moving for their master, happy to have given them the unusual farewell they deserved.

Craig Hill then decided to allow other people to experience this same emotion.

"A pretty unbelievable feeling"

" Being able to scan the sky where your loved ones are staying is a pretty incredible feeling, to the point that other people absolutely had to know that ", explains

. Craig therefore created his company, baptized Ashes to Ashes (ashes to ashes). Thanks to him, Warren Blackwell, his very first client, finally managed to mourn his faithful companion , Gypsy.

The dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was hit by a car then that she was only 4.

In the 8 years since that drama, Warren has kept the ashes of Gypsy " I could not get rid of his ashes I found no satisfactory solution , "he told AFP as the fireworks was about to be launched.

8 years after the death of his beloved dog, l man finally found the courage to let go, at a beautiful and spectacular ceremony where he had invited his relatives.

He paid 950 Australian dollars ( 765 euros ) for this fireworks, the music that accompanied him, and the buffet served to his guests. A sum he does not regret for a moment to have spent.