A fetish chat male below rob his neighborhood

Each night the Hamilton area in New Zealand Aspen: a cat funny addiction steals indeed... sub -Clothes of the men of the corner

To each his fad! If cats are ordinary hunters of small birds and other rodents, Brigit - it - is daily looking for a different kind of game. Only below indeed seem to find favor with this mischievous cat Tonkinese 6 years old, reported the New Zealand Herald last Sunday.

"It has already brought 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 socks in the last two months ", has also entrusted his mistress in the daily newspaper.

A unique unlucky neighbor?

" These are all men underwear , she explained "It's an absolute obsession. No night is going on without her reporting something. I got up this morning and there were still four socks in the house "

If the story itself is pretty funny, the mistress is -. It - not least embarrassed by this surprising situation. "I feel so bad... Someone has to spend a fortune on underwear" , she said, thinking that all these belong to one and the same person. Also, given that it planned to move soon, it looks now (very active) via Facebook and small posters colées in the street that may well belong all the socks and the leggings.

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