A family that owns... 191 cats!

What was the surprise of the veterinary services of Sweden, when they saw arrive in their premises 191 cats ! The most incredible thing in history is that these cats all belonged to the same family!

Alerted by the neighbors, the veterinary services went to this house in the suburbs of Stockholm. They discovered a miserable home, where cats were literally everywhere: on tables, window sills, counters. The floor was littered with cat litter. The 60-year-old owner, who lived with her mother, sister and son, was clearly overwhelmed by the events.

There was a smell of ammonia that made the air unbreathable ". says a Swedish veterinarian

Many cats were found dead, while others were injured or too sick. A total of 173 cats had to be euthanized The remaining 18 cats were placed in shelters

The Swedish law prohibits a household from owning more than nine cats. The owner was warned but decided to ignore the threat

Some people really like animals and have a big heart. They think they can take care of them, but we disagree. ┬╗says a veterinary services representative

This is an opportunity to remember that adopting a cat is a big responsibility, contrary to what we usually think, compared to dogs. And you, our youngest readers, do you think you are ready to welcome a cat to your home? To find out, take the test proposed by AllCreatureAnimalClinic!