A family finds its cat 9 years after its disappearance

This is yet another incredible story that will give hope to those who are looking for their beloved animal and fear never to find it. This man waited 9 long years before seeing his cat . And he did not believe his ears when a shelter called him to tell him the news.

Paul Fenn lives in Leicester, England with his family. In 2005, he adopted a two-year-old red cat in a RSPCA shelter and named him Tigger. But the cat, eager for adventure and freedom, has one day left home longer than usual, he says in the show This Morning , on the British channel ITV .
A day, a week, a month... Paul Fenn and his family have long waited for his return and searched the area in the hope of finding him. Then they finally resigned themselves, not imagining for a moment that Tigger was only a few miles away.

Pampered and loved by another family

The matou has indeed taken up residence within another family. It's a certain Mary Brown, who one night, coming home from work, found the cat in front of his house. After asking their neighbors if they knew this cat, Mary and her husband decided to keep it with them. Tigger was renamed Harry , and lived 9 beautiful years loved and cherished by his new humans.

But shortly after the death of Mary's husband, the cat again needed adventure. He ran away once again. His fugue, however, was short-lived. Found wandering in the street, he was entrusted to a shelter that thanks to his microchip found his first owner .

Paul Fenn and his family were on vacation in Jamaica when they received the refuge call. But as soon as they returned, they rushed there to confirm that it was Tigger.

Despite his joy, the Fenn family did not keep the cat for long. When Paul learned that a woman was looking for him, and that she had been taking care of him for 9 years, he knew that the best thing to do was to leave it to him.
Tigger, or rather Harry has become even more important to Mary since her husband is gone. He is his life companion, his best friend, his most precious support . Hope it does not happen again to run away!