A family decides to adopt a cat, and returns with a huge surprise!

For 18 long months, this family living in Chaddesden, a suburb of Derby in the United Kingdom, looked for her cat, a ball of red hair answering the little name of Phoenix. The animal has disappeared and it took Michelle, her husband and son Ronnie time to accept this loss and mourn their mate after walking up and down the neighborhood and posting and posters wherever they could. The family heard that an elderly man had collected Phoenix, but they could not find him.
They then had to worry that they would not see their cat anymore. Then one day, the Humber-Cockrot decided that it was time to adopt a new companion on all fours.

Direction the site of the refuge Cats Protection, therefore, to find the feline that would fill them. " The boys were devastated when Phoenix disappeared, because it was such an important part of their lives " says Michelle Humber

It's for another red cat that they cracked . Called Orlando, the tomcat suffers from IVF and it is alone that he spent all his days at the shelter, to avoid the risks of contamination.

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The Phoenix cat seems to have immediately recognized his family.

Touched by the loneliness of this cat, Michelle, her husband and their children have not hesitated for a long time before choosing to adopt Orlando. It was when they arrived at the shelter to visit the cat and get to know him that they had an incredible surprise.

Little Ronnie began to scream with joy from the moment he saw his dear and tender Phoenix, locked in the cage just beside that of Orlando . The cat also immediately recognized his little human and began to purr like never!

Thanks to a quick analysis of the animal's microchip, the Humber-Cockrot were able to prove that it was their cat and bring it home.

" It's a strange coincidence, but we're all happy to have recovered Phoenix, the boys could not believe it when they saw it "says Michelle. She added that she still wanted to adopt Orlando after these unexpected reunions, but the shelter prefers to avoid entrusting it to a family that already has a cat.

Michelle, as the Cats Protection association , hopes that the mediatization of its history will allow this adorable cat to find a family too.