A dream couch for cats, and for their owners!

Not easy, when one lives in a small apartment, to combine style and furniture for cat. But fortunately, designers are not lacking in imagination. They also think of the owners of kitties naturally wishing to make the happiness of their cat without sacrificing their decoration !

Author of Aristide , the blog of the urban feline, Gauthier knows how to find objects that will delight the felines and their devoted masters. So, how to make your apartment cat-friendly without giving up style?

After the litter design, or cat scratchers and stylish masters, here is the sofa cat-friendly!

A sofa-tunnel!

Whether they are from Paris or Montpellier, be they Mac or PC, tea or coffee, BFM TV or i> TÉLÉ, urban cat owners all have something in common: a sofa in hair crust . Yes, it's proven!
For living tigers, the sofa is the ideal spot . To sleep / make claws / play / hide / scare / scare / watch Love is in the Pré / play Joe the garage keeper... in short to spend quality time with us. Note that the more this quality time is repeated, the longer the life of the sofa is limited. Again, it's proven.

So when is the cat-friendly, stylish and durable sofa? While waiting for our friends from Ikea, Conforama and Habitat to look into the matter, ARISTIDE presents the Cat Tunnel Sofa designed by the Korean designer Seungji Mun .

With his integrated giant tunnel, this sofa has been thought of as a playground, of exploration but also of interaction (there is indeed a strong chance that your cat "interact" with you by coming up through the back hole like a good psychopath)

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is currently a prototype but it should be available soon on the e-shop of the designer. For the most creative of you, these few images should be enough to get you started!

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