A dog travels more than 300 km to find the woman who saved

When Nina Baranovskaya met the dog Shavi, she had just been hit by a car. The animal , whose two hind legs were broken, was left for dead on the side of the road.

Two passers-by happily found the dog and took him to a veterinarian. But unable to keep the dog with them, they published an ad online to find someone to take care of him.

Nina was the only one to answer this call, Russian media reports. As soon as Shavi was operated on, she took her to her home in Rostov-on-Don and kept her there for the rest of her time . The 26-year-old helped her to walk again and instilled in her an essential education base.

For a long time, the dog was traumatized by her accident. She panicked every time she saw in the street.

Nina, a young mother of a little girl and already the owner of two dogs and three cats, could not keep the dog in the long run. As soon as Shiva was put back on her feet, she was proposed for adoption . Quickly, a nice family living nearly 300 kilometers away fell in love with Shiva and decided to adopt it.

"Animals are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world"

But some days after the dog's departure to her new home, Nina received a distraught phone call from Shiva's masters. The dog had disappeared and all their research had been futile.

Two weeks later, the incredible happened: Nina found Shiva. Or rather Siva found Nina. The young woman was walking along the road when she felt something against her leg. It was the bitch who was rubbing her. When Shiva sat down at her feet, after her long journey, Nina burst into tears.

Nina did not have this time no choice but to keep the dog with her. She started looking for a bigger apartment so that her big family could have more space. " Animals are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world, and for every drop of human love they want to give it to everyone in return, and I keep that from a personal experience. as a child for me now .

Touched by their story, many animal lovers have wanted to help Nina and Shiva by giving them money or things they might need. But the young woman refused this help. " If you really want to help, I beg you, do not ignore the animals that need you ," she says.