A dog travels 800 km to Brazil before returning to his master

Hungry for adventure, and probably a football fan, a Uruguayan dog has gone on a wild adventure, traveling some 800 kilometers to four British football fans: David Bewick, Ben Olssen, Adam Burns, and Pete Johnston

A surprise guest

The four young men started a 2000 km long trek between Mendoza in Argentina and Porto Alegre in Brazil to raise money to finance the construction of a well in the Brazilian village of Bahia. A beautiful and generous initiative in which the dog, a Black Labrador Crusader, invited himself without warning , joining David, Ben, Adam and Pete as they passed near Solis, Uruguay.

The 4 young men thought that their new 4-legged friend would eventually turn around to go home. But they were wrong. Nurtured, cuddled and cuddled, the dog adopted them!

Soon, the Uruguayan dog named Jefferson by his companions became a full member of the team. Wearing his indispensable football shirt, he made his appearance on the Facebook page dedicated to this March for the World Cup .

He recognizes his dog in the press

For days, the 4 men and the dog walked, market and market. Then they received a message on their Facebook page, sent by a certain Ignacio Etchetchury claiming that Jefferson, Negro of his real name, was his dog. It was while reading an article in the press about this 2000-kilometer trek that he recognized his dear and tender four-legged fug .

He then decided to go to Brazil to find his dog. And it was by hitchhiking that he was able to travel the 800 kilometers that separated them.
On their arrival in Porto Alegre, the whole team of the March for the World Cup was awaited by Ignacio Etchetchury, so happy to finally find his companion.
Their moving reunion was filmed and uploaded on Youtube. Look at: