A dog throws himself in front of a car to save a little boy

Our canine companions never tire of proving to us that they are actually the best friends of the man

Little Charlie, a 10-year-old British boy, will not say the opposite after his dog saved his life

He interposes between a car and his young master

Geo, a German Shepherd cross Colley 7 months, did not hesitate to jump in front of a car to protect his young Master!

Charlie was walking around with his mum and two little brothers, when a pickup truck went straight on him.

" We were waiting to cross the road when I heard a car driving fast "says Carly, the little boy's mother. " Then a truck pickup is mounted on the sidewalk, and the only thing I know is that Geo pushed Charlie .

The hero dog severely wounded

The dog did not escape this heroic act unscathed. In rescuing the child, Geo took the pick-up truck , costing him a broken paw, fractured spine, and severe bruising...

But Charlie's hero and his family should soon recover from his wounds . In convalescence, he is naturally pampered by his teachers, who will be of course forever grateful

Carly and her husband are struggling today to pay 8,000 dollars (about 6,200 euros) they have to their vet. But whatever. " We do not ask ourselves questions, we want it to be treated, whatever the price. He is a member of the family," says Charlie's mother.

This a beautiful story reminiscent of Kabang, this dog became a hero in the Philippines after saving two girls by throwing himself in front of the motorcycle that was heading straight for her.

Disfigured by this terrible accident, the animal was recently admitted to a Californian clinic where it was able to receive the care it needed, thanks to the solidarity of thousands of people worldwide.