A dog shot by the police!

A dog was shot yesterday in Castelnaudary by police, after escaping from his owner's home. The latter expresses her misunderstanding about the events.

When the mistress of two bitches is absent in the afternoon, she does not notice that the electric garage door does not close behind her. Praline and Dilou, two German shepherds, take the opportunity to slip out of the house.

In their escapade, they cross the path of a cat. Provocation or not, the two bitches attack it violently under the eyes of an inhabitant. Panicked, he decides to warn the police station, considering that the dogs can be dangerous for the local residents.

When the police arrive on the spot, they manage to encircle the two bitches and, with the help of the pound, Praline is captured fairly quickly. But the case of Dilou is more complicated. This bitch, adopted at SPA , could sometimes be suspicious of foreigners. It is therefore very possible, according to his mistress, that " showed teeth ".

The police then feel threatened and shoot . Not using a hypodermic rifle, which is used to put a dangerous animal to sleep and tranquilize, the bitch is killed instantly.

Only certain persons are entitled to possess a hypodermic rifle. This is the case of the veterinarian Castelnaudary, unfortunately absent during the events. The owner of Dilou believes that the police could have waited before shooting his dog: " Dilou was tattooed, we could easily find ourselves ".

The police judge that they were faced with an emergency situation and that it was necessary to act quickly. They also add that this decision " was not taken hastily ."

Were they right or wrong to act so fast? Should we respond instantly to a situation of panic or should we instead try to take a step back to find an alternative solution? Express yourself!