A dog saves the life of his master and becomes the hero of the village!

Roxane is the name of a dog who has become a real hero in his commune. Why ? This female German Shepherd saved the life of her master Dede, a resident of St. Louis, in the Sarrebourg region of Moselle.

A dog loved by all

At the age of 12, this Very gentle and affectionate dog , especially with children, has always been much appreciated by the neighborhood.

But today, Roxane is even more beloved!
Last week, Dédé and his dog went for a walk in the forest, like every day. But this trip almost took a tragic turn, when the 58-year-old man collapsed, he says in a report aired on France 3 .
Dédé made a heart disease. He collapsed in the snow. And when he woke up, he was in an ambulance, heading for the hospital.

The devoted and heroic Roxane

If he could be rescued so quickly, it's thanks to his devoted dog, and heroic

Seeing that his master was not getting up, Roxane ran to the village for help . On her way, the dog found two people she had met earlier with Dédé, the Pétin.

She began to bark, cry and turn around to get their attention. The dog was looking towards the forest , and the villagers soon realized that something had happened.

They followed the dog without further delay, and quickly discovered Dédé, lying in the snow, " unconscious, curled up on itself, the pulse almost extinguished, at the temperature lowered to 32 ° C .

The peeps of course immediately called the fire department.

" C 'is my savior'

The man spent a few hours in the hospital before he could go home to his wife Yolande

What would have happened to Dede if his dog had not been the ? Nobody knows. But one thing is certain, he will be eternally grateful to him . " It's my Savior " says Dede with emotion

Of course, Hero Dogs such as Roxane, and Masters saved by their faithful companions exist in every corner of the world. But we never tire of reading and telling these beautiful stories, which day after day remind us that the dogs are truly the best friends of the Man .

Roxane is a real heroine!