A dog saves its master from the claws of a

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Reid Roberts, a man from Prince George, Canada, says he was saved by his dog while he was attacked by a bear... Reid and his faithful companion Pacer were running in the Forest for the World Park when they had an amazing meeting: a bear with her cubs was in a bush near the path they were on. The mother wishing to protect her children, surprised by the arrival of Reid and his dog, would have had no other solution than to attack the poor man. "J e cried and agitated my arms retreating , wrote the wounded on Facebook. " I do not know how I ended up on the ground, but I remember the bear was hitting me. I started kicking while I was on the back

. Seeing his master being attacked by the animal, Pacer was taken with great courage and would have succeeded in distract the bear by barking and biting giving Reid time to hide in a bush. But the misadventure of the two runners did not stop there: the mother bear did not hesitate to return to the attack of the human. That was not counting the new intervention of Pacer,

decided to protect his master at all costs.

The bear had to be euthanized The brave doggie would managed to remove the wild beast

the time Reid could reach the nearest parking lot to call for help. If all is well that ends well for the master and his dog, this sad mishap will still have cost the life of the bear, euthanized for his maternal behavior. The cubs were transported to the Smithers Wildlife Refuge. Has your pet ever helped you? If so, feel free to share your comments with us on our Facebook

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