A dog rescues a child abused by his

dogs, dog hero The instinct and the dedication of our best 4-legged friends will never stop surprising us, and move us. The story of this little boy, saved by his dog

from the hands of a woman who abused him, is just another illustration of what pets can do for their family

Saved by the instinct of his dog When Hope and Benjamin hired Alexis Khan to keep their son Finn, then seven months old, they had a good feeling. The 22-year-old girl seemed serious to them. But after several weeks, the couple began to have doubts. It was the behavior of their dog

that made them realize that something was wrong. The animal was strangely protective with Finn when Alexis was there. He's become aggressive

, and Hope and Benjamin have been forced several times to drive their mate away from the babysitter to avoid a tragedy. They then decided to check out what he was really passed in their absence. The couple hid a phone to find out. Back home at night, Hope and Benjamin listened to the recording, and found that the young woman was abusing the child. "She began to swear, then we heard the sound of slapping, and the crying of Finn transformed into cries of distress and pain

"tell the parents of the little boy. " Finn could have been killed by the babysitter


The couple immediately called the police. Alexis was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault and battery. Sentenced to prison, she was placed on a register of abused children, so she will never be able to work with children. "This is fantastic news for us. Finn may have saved another child's life in the future. If our dog did not alert us and my wife's instinct did not dictate to us, Finn could have to be killed by the babysitter, who knows?

"says Benjamin Jourdan