A dog saved from a canyon by thrill seekers

This day canyoning was to be a day holidays as the others, rich of thrills and fun shared with friends for these friends from Brittany. Having come to survey the upper Bitet canyon in Laruns (64), these amateur sportsmen did not expect to come back from their expedition with... a dog .

A delicate situation

While the group went down this canyon of the Pyrenees, he saw a dog below. One of the participants remembers: " It was a very technical run . We saw this dog from the first call, after a jump of 9 meters. It was frozen and could not escape from a cave below , reports sudou.se .

The "canyoner" friends then had to make a choice: leave the dog hungry and refrigerated perish at the bottom of the canyon, or take the risk of the save , even getting into trouble through the very narrow walls of the place.

It did not take long for all agree. After having offered him Bayonne ham to lure him, the group and the small black and white dog returned to the mainland four hours later, safe and sound , after making several jumps in the vertical at above the void

Call to the owner

What was the dog doing alone at the bottom of the canyon? Nobody knows. The group of friends who found him thinks that he could accidentally fall into the abyss at night, because of the rising of the waters caused by the storm.

Baptized Bitet, the dog was tentatively adopted by the canyoning monitor of the group, Jean Roussie. But the Roussie family will not be able to keep it permanently. A call to the owner , in order to find the master of Bitet, was launched. The dog is not chipped and is not known veterinary services. If no one shows up to get Bitet, then Roussie will try to find a family for life.