A dog sacrifices himself to save a baby from a fire

His name is Polo and he is a hero. This little curly-haired black dog did not hesitate to give life to Viviana, an 8-month-old baby, before his own during a fire.

The drama occurred in Baltimore, in the United States. United. Erika Poremski had left her house a few minutes, time to go to her car, leaving her eight-month-old daughter alone with the family dog, Polo. When Erika wanted to go home, the house was in flames.

Facing the flames, the dog became a shield

Erika and her neighbors then tried to brave fire to save Viviana and Polo . In vain. The flames were already too powerful. Fortunately, firefighters were soon to arrive, and it was then that they discovered the 6-year-old dog protecting the girl as a real shield . " She was only burned on the sides of her body thanks to that. He stayed with her in the room without moving and did not even come down to flee , "testified Erika.

Thanks to the heroism of her dog, Viviana was saved, although she is still in a worrying state because of her many burns. But Polo did not survive . " He was my first baby and now I lost him. I pray now not to lose my daughter. It's all I have left, everything happened so fast, I do not understand , "Erika told local television channel WBaltv.

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