A dog rescues a girl from the icy cold

Arizona police officers in the USA consider that an Australian Bouvier rescued the 3 year old was lost in the mountains by a temperature of -30 degrees !

Little Victoria Bensch was walking with her family in the mountains when she suddenly lost herself during the

In this region of Arizona temperatures drop below 0 to -30 degrees at night, and it is only 15 hours after getting lost that Victoria has was spotted by rescue helicopter

How could a 3-year-old survive so many hours in such freezing temperatures? All against her was Blue , the Australian Family Bouvier

He kept her alert and offered her comfort through that very cold night , says a spokesman from the sheriff's office

The pilot informs us that the little girl was no longer moving when he spotted her, which caused them serious concern. His dog was very protective when they approached, but when the little girl showed signs of life and smiled at them, Blue was very welcoming.

I think when the dog understood that we were there to save them, he became very excited "says the pilot. " He was running everywhere while the doctor was taking care of Victoria, and when we were ready to leave he jumped on the chopper .

The little girl has been treated for frostbite , but her health is exceptionally good despite the ordeal she has endured... thanks to the love of her Australian Mountain Dog !