A dog recognizes a dog, no matter what breed

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs, all very different from each other. But despite this great diversity, the best friend of man is not wrong: he can recognize another dog , and differentiate it from other animal species. A distinction that he knows how to do without using his sense of smell, but with his own sight .

The dog recognizes his peers, despite more than 400 breeds

That's what confirms a recent study conducted by researchers at the University Paris 13 and the National Veterinary School of Lyon.

It has already been proven that individuals of certain species are more attracted by the images of other individuals belonging to this same species. Other studies have also shown that dogs were able to classify images by analyzing their content.

Based on these two facts, the researchers therefore wanted to know if in spite of the more than 400 Existing dog breeds, one dog was able to recognize another dog.

144 pairs of images were presented to 9 trained dogs to choose between two images. Each pair consisted of the image of a dog, and an image representing another animal species, including men.

"The biological entity of the dog has been preserved"

The 9 dogs managed to to differentiate dog pictures from others, regardless of breed. They were also able to distinguish the pictures of dogs they knew from those of foreign dogs, as well as those of humans who were familiar to them.

" The fact that dogs are able to recognize their own species visually , and have great faculties of olfactory discrimination , ensures that social behavior and mating between different races is still potentially possible the researchers say.

And to conclude: " Although humans have drawn the Canis familiaris species to its morphological limits, its biological entity has been preserved ".