A dog pulls on his master!

A drama for the least surprising occurred yesterday in New Zealand: a man received a bullet... shot by his dog! The story might sound like a very bad joke, but it was actually really taking place in the city of Te Kopuru, about 150 km from the capital Auckland.

The animal would indeed have jumped on a rifle placed in the back seat of a car , thus triggering the shot. The bullet was directly lodged in the left buttock of his master, sitting in the back of the car. The victim, whose terrible suffering can be imagined, was immediately transported by helicopter to the hospital where a team of surgeons removed his bullet. His days are not in danger.

Accompanied by three people, the man declares that l thought that the rifle was not loaded. The police still opened an investigation for Make sure facts.

In countries where the carrying of the weapon is allowed, the majority of parents know that firearms are dangerous and should never be left in the presence of children. But what to do with pets? As absurd as it is, this question will have to really arise in those places in the world where the lives of human beings but also of pets are in danger.