A dog parks alone a car under the dumbfounded gaze of passers-by (Video of the day)

It's in England that an adorable doggie has recently cracked a joke with walkers... at the wheel a well-known German city car

Park on a parking lot parallel to each other, so easy that even a dog can do it? Incredible as it may seem, a Boxer recently took up the challenge under the bewildered look of British passersby who expected everything... except that!

And you will see that at the wheel of his car, the amazing dog has achieved the feat of achieving a perfect niche!

Go, truce jokes, we reveal everything: the doggie did not actually drive this car. No, indeed, the German car manufacturer Opel (brand name Vauxhall in England, ed) was simply looking to afford a nice little publicity stunt by extolling the merits of its Advanced Park Assist system. This technological feat allows vehicles to be equipped to park automatically... and without hands!

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