A dog is saved from drowning by tourists

Saturday, August 4, near Washington (USA), a master and his dog take the boat to take a stroll on the huge lake. It's very hot, nothing like a boat ride to breathe and refresh!

But the beautiful day turns into nightmare when the dog falls into the water . His master looks for him everywhere, no trace of his trusty dog ​​...

A dog falls into the water and can not be found by his master

Sinbad and his master, Gary Stevens , are sailing peacefully on Lake Washington , when a wave violently hits the boat. The shock shakes the aircraft sharply and Sinbad, who is at the back of the boat, falls overboard

Gary Stevens, no longer sees his dog, panics and looks for him for two hours . But no trace of the doggie in the murky waters of the lake

" I thought of everything that had happened to him, I was even thinking about the worst, I was trying to imagine how I was going to announce this drama to my children, this news would kill them, I can not believe how stupid I was enough to let this happen .

Overwhelmed by the disappearance of his faithful companion, exhausted by these hours of searching, Gary Stevens returns home. He then contacts the police, tweets the disappearance of his dog and waits for a miracle

Sinbad, the rescued dog and his master Gary Stevens

The rescued dog, rescued by strangers

But Sinbad is not dead While Cindy Springer and his family also sail on the lake, Larry , Cindy's husband sees the dog struggling desperately in the water

" He barked at our son Adam, who was driving the boat, and Adam grabbed a lifejacket and jumped into the water to rescue the poor dog [...] Fortunately, Adam is a tough guy, because the dog was a big black shepherd who weighed at least 41 kilograms "says Cindy.

Cindy and Larry get the dog back and take him in a pet adoption center in Woodinville. A veterinarian is then contacted quickly by the center to examine the rescued dog and to try to identify the animal . Victory, the veterinarian finds the name of the dog and contacts his master.

On the verge of tears, the family and the rescued dog are together! Gary Stevens is overjoyed and promises that the next time he will put a lifejacket on his dog who was lucky enough to be a very good swimmer .

" I never imagined that I must put a lifejacket on a German Shepherd

says Gary Stevens A story that ends well