A dog gets beaten on the street: nobody reacts! They have filmed everything...

Certainly, the population is always mobilized in an exemplary way on the canvas to defend the animal cause, whether to find a dog, as recently in the case of Holy, the Beagle who had escaped, or to save an animal, like Tyson, stuck on a balcony.

But when people find themselves face to face with reality, how do they react? You may be disappointed...

Ockt TV , a chain Youtube hidden camera specialist, decided to test the reaction of passers-by in front of a beaten dog

Stuffed in a garbage bag, a stuffed dog is hit on the sidewalk by a young man. In order to make the facts more believable, a soundtrack evoking the cries of an animal is added to the subterfuge.

Would New Yorkers be unchecked?

During the day, the attitudes of pedestrians have varied. First, a man violently attacks the false-hangman to defend the little being on all fours. Two young people then wonder about what they see but end up saying that the man must have his reasons for doing so: yes, they really said it!

Subsequently, an individual even takes a clever pleasure to add a kick in the bag. The video still gives us a glimmer of hope as to the degree of humanity of people, thanks to a young woman who flies to the rescue of what she thought was a beaten dog. Her companion ends up reassuring her when he understands the circle.

Should we be worried about this indifference? What would you have done for them?