A dog inherits a million dollars!

993 700 dollars: this is the sum that a certain John Fedorov left behind him at his death. A very important sum that he did not leave to his family, or to a charity, but to a dog!

The animal that inherited this million dollars did not belong to this Belarusian, but he was very much like the dog that the man had been forced to abandon years ago, a dog with which he had lived in a German filtration camp after the Second World War.

leaves his dog behind him, but never forgets

In the 1950s, this dog, dubbed Valet, became ill, and John Fedorov found himself faced with a tough choice: get his dog treated, which required an operation, or afford the trip to Sacramento, California, where a job was waiting for him.

With a heavy heart, John made the choice to fly to the United States. But guilt, that of having let die faithful companion , she never went away...

Then a few years ago, it was in 2007, John Fedorov s' went to the Belarussian village of Boudochka in the Mogilev region. There, he met Joulik ("crook"), a dog faithfully keeping the house of his family for 10 years , says his master Vasily Potapov.

A dream life for the dog Joulik

This animal reminded him of Valet's memory, and John decided to make him his heir. In his will, he requests the creation of a bank account for the dog . The document also provides for a room just for Joulik, with a television, as well as a trip per year .

A journey where the dog will choose the destination himself, pointing with his muzzle a place on the world map! Will he choose to go to Paris, as his masters dream?
The will also provides for 3 balanced meals a day; and sending a heated niche straight from the United States.

And when Joulik leaves this world, a monument will be erected in his honor. Its masters will keep 10% of its fortune, while the remaining 90% will be donated to an animal shelter in the United States.